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7 Key Components of a Professionally Designed Landscape

Proper landscaping requires knowledge of artistry and a deep understanding of design fundamentals. Any professional designer should keep these design principles in mind. Our team at Pro Care Companies has the expertise you can count on to create a stylish, low-maintenance, and functional landscape design for your next renovation. We achieve the best results because we keep these fundamentals in mind.

#1: Embrace Simplicity

Simplicity is essential for outdoor spaces because an open, uncomplicated design leaves visitors feeling at ease. They can walk along simple stone paths, admire gardens, or take in the landscape at a glance without distractions and needless obstacles.

#2:  Variety and Assortment

Although you don’t want too many design elements, the ones you include should attract the eye with something impressive. For example, a garden design could show off distinctive flowers, and a koi pond could add a splash of orange against lush vegetation. Explore the hundreds of landscape design possibilities!

#3: Balanced Elements

A landscape should be in balance. One element should not distract from or overshadow another. Instead, choose design elements that reinforce one another, adding to the combined impact of your artistic vision.

#4: Select Your Emphasis

In most backyard landscapes, it helps to accentuate a focal point, a piece that catches the eye and sticks in the mind. A sculpture, fire pit, grill station, or another part of your home landscape could draw your visitors in.

#5: Transition Between Elements

Once you hook your guests with your centerpiece, guide their eyes to other locations. Lead them to explore using lighted pathways, artistic features that imply motion, and secondary focal points for attention.

#6: Keep an Eye on Proportion 

A structure can seem out of place if it is too large or if it breaks up the harmonious relationships between the objects in the scene. If there’s an old eyesore in your front yard, move it somewhere off to the side where it will not be a distraction.

#7: Unity and Harmony

A common theme evokes an aesthetic for your entire property, such as a farmhouse, manor, or meditative retreat. Incorporate a trendy into your design with color accents, textures, or patterns.

Pro Care Companies: Your Choice for Landscape Design

If you need professional design expertise in the north metro or western Wisconsin, call (651) 401-7461 or fill out our online form to book a consultation with our team. We’ll turn your plans into reality and give you the stunning yard you deserve.

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