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Can Landscaping Be Installed During Autumn?

Most homeowners want their yards to look their best year-round. While people usually plant trees and cultivate gardens during spring and summer, many overlook landscaping during autumn due to the cooler weather, fall activities and their kids going back to school. However, autumn is the ideal time to transform your lawn into your own personal oasis.

Below are a few reasons you should start your landscaping project during autumn according to the experts at Pro Care Companies.

Stronger Roots

Many plants in Minnesota thrive in the cooler weather. The reduced temperature and humidity allow the roots to develop a robust system that benefits the trees when the summer heat arrives. Planting trees and shrubs during autumn gives them enough time to do this before it gets too hot.

Plants Are Less Prone to Transplant Shock During Autumn

Plants usually grow slower in autumn, then become dormant during the winter months especially once the snow arrives and the ground freezes. The slower growth makes the plants less vulnerable to transplant shock, making autumn the perfect time to transfer them to your garden or landscape bed.

Transplant shock occurs when a plant becomes overly stressed after moving to a new location. If it becomes damaged during transplanting, the plant can potentially die, especially in hot weather. It’s best to transplant during autumn’s more mild weather to prevent transplant shock and ensure the plant remains healthy during and after the process.

It’s More Enjoyable to Landscape in Autumn

Many believe summer is the ideal time to start their landscaping project due to the abundance of sunlight. However, the summer heat makes yard work incredibly taxing and uncomfortable. Waiting until autumn to landscape makes the process more enjoyable and allows you to work longer outdoors.

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