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How Much Does An Outdoor Kitchen Cost in Minnesota?

The focal point of most outdoor living projects is an outdoor kitchen. It brings a degree of luxury and functionality to your gathering space and allows for maximum use of your outdoor space to really enjoy the summer months. Prior to getting started with a project, many wonder how much an outdoor kitchen costs to install. This can vary based on a few factors, but knowing what you have available to spend along with your expectations for a finished product will help you understand the investment necessary to bring your dreams into reality.

Factors That Impact The Price of Your Outdoor Kitchen

Appliances, Counters & Add-ons

Aside from the pavers or block used to build your outdoor kitchen, the appliances and extras will be next in line. You’ll want to dial in your budget before having your heart set on any particular feature.

One of the top appliances is a grill, which can be fitted to your specific needs. A drop-in style grill is on the higher end of the price scale, but they provide a truly next-level appearance and make food prep and cooking a breeze.

It’s going to be ideal to install top-quality materials for your counters. Granite is the go-to choice among homeowners especially compared to tile, as its more basic option in terms of design and colors, but still functions well.

Another important factor to your outdoor kitchen build is knowing that it can be completely customized for your planned use. Whether you want a quiet, more intimate spot to relax after a long week of work, or to build an expansive area that’s designed to host 20+ guests for a party, the options are limited to your imagination and budget.


Where the kitchen is constructed on your property can impact its overall cost. If you want the living space to built further away from your house, you will need to consider the additional expenses associated with extending the utilities such as electrical and water lines.

So How Much Will It Cost?

Since every project is customized to each clients’ specific wants and needs, the price can vary tremendously. An average outdoor kitchen build can be from $8,000 on the lower end to $15,000 or more depending on the options selected.

Additional Expenses

One expense that can be forgotten in the budgeting process is utilities. Beyond the visible features such as the patio, pergola, counters and appliances is the cost for setting up electrical and water lines. Appliances such as mini-fridges require a specific type of electrical line, sinks must be connected to fresh water and grey water lines for drainage.

While some may attempt the D.I.Y. route to build an outdoor living area, these expansive projects should be left to professionals that possess the proper knowledge for design and construction of an outdoor kitchen. An outdoor living contractor will have the logistical abilities to get the materials to the your property and the trained staff to install everything the right way.

If you’re in the northern metro of the Twin Cities or western Wisconsin and are looking for a top-tier outdoor kitchen builder, get in touch with the team at Pro Care Companies today.

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