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Drainage Solutions

Pro Care Companies is a top-rated contractor providing the best landscape drainage in Forest Lake, MN and many surrounding areas of the north metro for both residential and commercial clients.

Yard Drainage Specialists Forest Lake, MN

Are you experiencing spongy spots or are puddles forming in your lawn or landscaping after rain events? Is water running into your basement or rendering a lot of your yard useless? Your lawn may be suffering from drainage issues. There are several causes to a lawn experiencing drainage issues. Such as an improper slope in your yard, or the landscape around the foundation of your house, commercial building, shed or other structure directing water towards your building or house, when it should be distributed away from structures.

Drainage issues can also occur near recently constructed buildings if the soil around the foundation was not filled in and compacted down, or has sank down unexpectedly. Thankfully, our Forest Lake, MN landscape drainage crews are proficient in solving drainage problems of all kinds at residences and business properties.

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French Drains, Drain Tile & Downspout Extensions

A French drain, also referred to as drain tile, involves the installation of drainage pipe at the bottom of a trench filled with stone. With a proper drain tile installation, water is routed to a specified area on your property, whether that be a low lying area or directed towards a catch basin for excess water.

Many homeowners view French drain system installation as a simple do-it-yourself project. However, an incorrectly installed French drain system can do more harm than good. Our well-versed yard and landscape drainage crews will often use laser-guided equipment to ensure the ideal grade is kept through the entire French drain system. This yields to maximum water flow throughout all four seasons.


A more natural approach to solving drainage issues is by regrading your lawn. By adequately sloping and grading the soil around your home and compacting soil beneath ensures water will flow away from your home. When our team assesses the proposed worksite, we will may employ yard grading services with one or both of the previous methods, depending on how severe the drainage problems are on your property. Sometimes this involves construction of a retaining wall or other landscape features to make certain the water will be dispersed properly and to avoid soil erosion in the future.

Dry Creek Beds

A dry creek bed is a drainage solution in which our crew excavates a small trench from where water is gathering on your property to an ideal location such as low area of your yard where water can safely seep into the soil. We cover the surface of the creek with stones to encourage proper water flow while offering unique aesthetics. This solution works with your property’s grade to keep water from pooling instead directing it away from vulnerable areas of your lawn.

Our team specializes in total landscape renovations involving a reconstruction of your outdoor space complete with a proper drainage setup as well as hardscape features and much more. Give us a call at (651) 401-7461 or fill out our online form to request a consultation for your next project.

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